Give Local 757

logoTHANK YOU!!!!!

Total Give Local 757 support was $5,080.39!

Thank you to everyone who helped us exceed our goal!!!

What is Give Local 757?

Give Local 757 is a community-wide day of giving held in Hampton Roads each year in May.  It is an opportunity for the community to support their favorite local charity, like the Peninsula SPCA!  Donations are made to the Peninsula Community Foundation online during this one day of giving and designated for the donor’s favorite charity, like the Peninsula SPCA!  Donations are amplified with $55,000 in cash prizes awarded to participating charities.


It’s a Match! 

Thank you!  We have met our match!

Beloved supporters of the Peninsula SPCA, Henry & Judy Morris, have issued a challenge!  The first $1,000 in donations on May 9 will be matched 100% by Henry & Judy Morris!

The Little Bear Fund

This year, Give Local 757 donations to the Peninsula SPCA will support the shelter’s Little Bear Fund.  The Little Bear Fund was established in 2008, in memory of Little Bear Morris, with the goal of helping shelter animals with special needs to get the veterinary care they need in order to heal and be adopted into safe, loving homes.

Click here to learn more about The Little Bear Fund

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When is Give Local 757?

This year, Give Local 757 will take place on Tuesday, May 9.  Donations are accepted for 24 hours on May 9, from midnight  until 11:59 p.m.

Who Can Participate?

Give Local 757 is open to anyone who would like to participate, not just those who live in Hampton Roads.  In fact, we receive donations from all over the country on this day of giving.

Where and How do I Give?

Be sure to designate your gift for the Peninsula SPCA!

LUNER AND NOVA smallWhat Other Ways Can I Help?

We need our friends to share this exciting opportunity for grassroots support of the PSPCA with their friends and contacts!  Help us spread the word so that we can make this year’s local day of giving the best yet for the PSPCA!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook @peninsulaspca and Twitter to stay in the loop as Give Local 757 draws near and to help spread the word.


Additional support from the Peninsula Community Foundation can be earned with special cash prize incentives.  To learn more about timed prizes throughout the day and how you can help us earn additional support with your Give Local donation, visit or follow us on Facebook throughout the day on May 9 for reminders!