Special Needs Pets

1-12-dog-ftrSome of our pets may have medical or behavioral issues that require additional care once adopted.  These animals may not be on the adoption floor for various reasons, but are still looking for that special someone to take them home.  Often times adoption fees will be waived in order to place the special needs animal in the proper home.  Some may even qualify for long-term fostering which could include on-going veterinary care provided by the Peninsula SPCA.

These placements are made on a case-by-case basis and are subject to approval by the Medical team at Peninsula SPCA.  If you believe you can provide a loving and caring home for a special needs pet, we encourage you to stop in and visit.  For more information please contact Lou Siaosi at 757-595-1399 ext: 112.

Current Special Needs:



Silver – 8 months (male/neutered – domestic shorthair)

As a very young kitten, Silver developed an upper respiratory infection. This infection is caused by viruses and causes “cold like” symptoms in cats with signs of sneezing, nasal discharge and eye discharge.

Silver’s symptoms have never completely gone away, causing him to have persistent drainage from his right eye. He will require long term medical care to help manage the problem.

This condition is contagious to other cats, so it is recommended for Silver to be the only cat in the household.

Silver is currently in foster care and is looking for his wonderful forever home. He is very energetic, loves to play, and have fun. If you are looking for a fun loving kitten, he is the one for you.