Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Lindsey Purcell

Lindsey Purcell

April 22nd-26th is National Volunteer Appreciation Week and we would like to say a special thank you to the 150 active volunteers that help provide love and care for our animals.  Words cannot express how much we appreciate your  dedication to helping the homeless animals in our community.  Peninsula SPCA Volunteers truly have the biggest hearts.  Thank you for all that you do!

Regional PAWjama Party!

This Saturday, April 20 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  the Hampton Roads animal shelters are having a collaborative “PAWjama Party”!  Our staff and volunteer will be dressed up in their best pajamas and slippers, to welcome visitors and adopters.  Adoption fees for Dogs and Cats over 1 year old are discounted to only $50!

There will be prizes, refreshments and special events for children and adults at each participating location.  We will be hosting Annette Gerwitz, a pet medium, who will do 10 minute readings for a $10 donation!  We encourage you to wear your own pajamas to compete for prizes in contests for:

Best animal-themed pajamas

Best fuzzy slippers

Best bed head

There will be a picture contest of winners from each location. Pictures of contest winners from each shelter will be posted on Facebook for an additional grand prize vote for all three categories.

Thankful for our contributors and pets

Newport News, VA-  Thanksgiving is a holiday to reflect about what we are most thankful for in our lives.  For many of us, that is family, friends and home.  For neglected and abandoned animals on the Peninsula community, Thanksgiving is another day hoping to find their forever families.  As a non-profit organization, The Peninsula SPCA relies on generous contributors to help fund our mission to supply medicine, medical care, food and shelter.  Orphaned pets have a safe refuge at the Peninsula SPCA until we find homeless pets loving and forever homes.  Everyone at the Peninsula SPCA says, “thank you” to all who have donated supplies from our wish list, monetary giving and volunteered their time and efforts to help our animals.  However, more is still needed.

To date, the Peninsula SPCA has saved over 2,250 animals thanks to your contributions.  We cannot do this alone and we need continued support from our community.  In a given week, the Peninsula SPCA uses over 1,000 lbs of cat litter, 250 bags of dog food and countless newspapers used for bedding.  You can help homeless animals by giving supplies such as Purina or Pedigree dog and cat food, newspapers, nylon leashes, and shoeboxes.  Give back as a Peninsula SPCA volunteer.  Volunteers are an essential part of our organization by helping care for our animals and enriching their lives until we find their forever families.  Visit www.peninsulaspca.org today to learn how to become a Peninsula SPCA volunteer and download our wish list to give today.

Ways to give back:

1.)    Adopt a homeless pet.

2.)    Organize a food drive at your school, workplace or community club.

3.)    Give towards the daily costs to care for our animals in need.

4.)    Volunteer with us.

5.)    Foster our special needs pets.

Be thankful for pets and protect them during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Here are healthy tips to keep your pet safe during Thanksgiving:

  1. Give your pet only boneless & well-cooked turkey.  Undercooked turkey may contain salmonella and cause food poisoning.
  2. Keep sage herbs away from your pet.  If ingested in large quantities, your pet can suffer from an upset stomach.
  3. No bread dough.  An animals’ body heat can cause raw bread dough to rise in the stomach and you pet may suffer abdominal pain leading to life-threatening complications.
  4. Don’t let them eat cake.  Cake containing raw eggs could cause food poisoning due to salmonella.
  5. Don’t overindulge on turkey, mashed potatoes or pumpkin pie.  Excessive eating can lead to fatal pancreatitis.
  6. Give your pet a Kong feast.  A Kong filled with peanut butter or Frosty Paws (ice cream for dogs) will keep your pet busy and leave them satisfied.

Always be thankful for your pet, but remember those animals who are less fortunate and need your help.  Please reach out and give to homeless animals this holiday season.

Join the Peninsula SPCA in making our mission impactful and together we will continue to be a voice for the animals.

For more information, contact Leslie Magner, Communications & Outreach Coordinator at 595-1399 ext 104 or leslie@peninsulaspca.org.

Paws for a Cause Dog Walk & Festival

Thank you to everyone who participated during Paws for a Cause Dog Walk & Festival. Thank you to our supportive sponsors, fundraisers, teams, vendors and exhibitors. Thank you to our event sponsors York

River Electric, Inc., Cathy & Matt McQuade, fundraisers, teams, vendors and exhibitors who participated during 2012 Paws for a Cause Dog Walk & Festival. Congratulations Kim Goodwin, Squeaker is th 203 Paws for a Cause SpokesPet! Kim’s efforts to raise over $1,000 made her eligible to enter Squeaker into the 2013 Spokepet raffle drawing. But the luck of the draw, he was the winner!

Couponing for Paws SPCA Challenge


The Peninsula SPCA is seeking couponers of every skill level to enter the new “Couponing for Paws SPCA Challenge for the Couponers will bring donations into the Peninsula SPCA and earnings will be recorded every Friday until Friday, August 3, 2012. Two winners will be decided in two categories. First, by calculating the total retail value of product donated. Secondly, the greatest overall savings of product donated. One winner for each category will win TWO free human tickets to Fur Ball 2013 ($500 value) at the Hampton Roads Convention Center February 2, 2013. Valid store receipts must be submitted with donations and all donations are tax deductible for participants.animals. This challenge welcomes participants to clip those coupons for the animals. “Couponing for Paws SPCA Challenge” will open early registration online on Thursday, June 7th, 2012 at 9 a.m. and registration is free. The early registration will allow our participants to prepare their couponing strategy before the official launch of “Couponing for Paws SPCA Challenge” on Monday, July 9, 2012 and end on Friday, August 3, 2013 at 5 p.m. The registrants that enter the challenge will start their shopping for the animals. To enter online today, complete the entry form below.

The Peninsula SPCA is always in need of everyday supplies for daily operations including paper towels, cleaning products, trash bags, laundry detergent, and office supplies. Most importantly, the Peninsula SPCA is always in need of dog and cat food, kitten and puppy chow, canned food, cat litter, and delicious treats for our animals. A donation wish list will be posted weekly with up-to-date needed supplies online at www.peninsulaspca.org. 

“The Peninsula community is very supportive in donating many items for our animals. However, we have hundreds of cats and dogs in our care daily. We may go through 1,000 lbs. of dog food in any given week and approximately 250 lbs. of cat litter in a day. This challenge was created to encourage a fun way to donate items for animals!” says Vicki Rowland, Director of Marketing and Programs.

For more information, email Leslie Magner or call at 757-595-1399 ext: 104.