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Brandy, adopted 2012

Brandy, adopted 2012

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$50 to $249 

Mrs. Carolyn Abbitt

In honor of Henry and Judy Morris

Mr. Alfred Abbitt

In memory of Pamela Matthews Harmon

Mr. Terrence Abbott

Dr. Barbara Abraham

Mr. Michael Acosta

Mrs. Marilyn Adair

Ms. Lorraine K Adams

Mr. Richard & Mrs. Ginger Adams

Mr. Mark Adkins

Affordable Yacht Sales, Inc.

Ms. Gail Alexander

Mr. Curtis Alitz

Mrs. Susan Allen

Mr. Raymond Alves

Mr. Louis and Mrs. Jo-Ana Amato

Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Robin Anderson

Ms. Helen Andress

Mr. Winfield Arnott

Dean and Cathleen Arvidson

Mrs. Gail Astor

Ms. Delores Atkinson

Mrs. Wanda Austin

Ms. Melody A Avery

Mr. Chris Baedon

Ms. Cindy Bagley

Mr. Ward Bailey

Bailey’s Pub and Grille

Ms. Laura Baker

Mr. Treven E Baker

Mrs. Joan Baltgalvis

Mr. Albert Banwell

Mr. J. Thomas Barclay

Mr. John C and Mrs. Katharine H Barker

Ms. Ann Barnard

In honor of Terry and Foster Palmer

Mr. Dan and Mrs. Jacquie Barner

Ms. Annamarie Barrick

Ms. Linda Bartgis

Ms. Jane Basgall

Ms. Christina Bates

Mr. Richard F Bauer

Mr. Bruce L Baughman

Ms. Carolyn Baughman

Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Cathy Baxley

Ms. Dorothea Bays

Mr. John and Mrs. Carole Beal

Rebecca and Chip Beale

Mr. Emerson Beale

Ms. Valerie Beard

Ms. Deborah Bechtler

Bellflower Financial Group, LLC

Mr. Charles and Mrs. Martha Bellinger

Mr. Robert Bender

Ms. Nora T Bennette

Mr. Vincent B Berardini

Ms. Ellie Berger

Ms. Joan Berger

Mr. Norman and Mrs. Phyllis Bergeron

Mr. G. Eric Bergstrom, Jr.

Mrs. Margaret Bevelacqua

Mr. Michael Bielick

Mr. Myron and Mrs. Cynthia Bilyj

Mr. Richard K Bird

Ms. Samantha Bishop

Mr. G F Black, Jr.

Ms. Margaret Black

Mrs. Kristine Blackburn

In memory of Margaret Waite Strong

Mr. Ronald Blade

Mr. Curtis and Ms. Barbara Blakely

Dr. Julian H Blalock

Mr. David Blalock, Jr.

In honor of Katina Stockbridge and Janice Lane

Mrs. Beverly E Blanchard

Mr. Hugh and Mrs. Deborah K Blanchard

Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Lisa Blinco

Ms. Annie R Blinson

Ms. Kathy Booher

Mrs. Gale Borst

In memory of Delbert Borst

Ms. Theodora Bostick

Ms. Rene Bowditch

In honor of Carol Downey

Mrs. Sara S Bowman

Ms. Phyllis Bradford

Ms. Virginia Bragaw

Ms. Betty Branch

Mr. Don Branch

Ms. Rebecca Brashears

In honor of Katina Stockbridge and Janice Lane

Mr. Greg Brauer

Ms. Lydia Brault

Mr. Rinaldo and Mrs. Rossana Brolli

Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Ann Brookner

In memory Ann Wood Nanry

Ms. Peggy Brooks

Ms. Mary J Brosius

Dr. William and Mrs. Jo Anne Brothers

Mrs. Deborah D Brown

In memory of Benjamin Akins

Mr. Gerald Brown

Ms. Kim Brown

Ms. Susan E Brown

Ms. Angela Brown

Mr. William Brown

Mr. Gary Bruce

Mr. Robert Brush

Mr. Paul and Mrs. Vivian Bryan

Ms. Magdalena Bryan

Mr. Steve Bryant

Mr. John Buckingham

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Janet Bunde

Mr. Barry and Mrs. Dee Burcher

Ms. Ann Burnette

Mr. James and Mrs. Marilyn Burney

Mr. Thomas Burns

Ms. Georgia Burton

Mr. Franklin and Mrs. Ingrid Butler

Ms. Louise Buttermore

Ms. Linda Butterworth

Ms. Jane Byron

C. Vernon Spratley Gifted Center

Mrs. Sandra Cafiero

Ms. Stephanie Caggiano

Mr. David and Mrs. Rita Call

Ms. Rie Camba

Mr. George Cameron

In memory of Buster Trueblood

Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Susan Campbell

Mr. David Campbell

Mr. George and Mrs. June Campbell

Ms. Sandra Canepa

Ms. Betty Carawon

Mr. Peter Carlson

Mr. Nathaniel Carlton

Mr. John Carter

Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Lucille Cassidy

Mr. Richard Chambers

Mr. Paul Champagne

Ms. Amy Chandler

Ms. Dawn Chandrasekhar

Ms. Tina Chapman

Ms. Tamara Chatterton

-In Memory of Mrs. Felker

Mrs. Tae O Childers

Cho’s Cleaners

Ms. Cha K Chong

Mr. Gianluigi Ciovati

Mr. Douglas Clark

Mr. Daniel Clark

Mrs. Barbara Clayton

Mrs. Hollie Clayton

Mr. John and Mrs. Patricia Clements

Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Sandra Cobb

Mrs. Brenda Cockrell

In memory of Leah Virginia Deihl McHatton

Ms. Mary Cole

Col. C Cole, III

Colony Animal Hospital

Mrs. Valerie R Coltrain

Ms. Barbara Compton

In memory of Peggy Stone

Dr. Harry and Mrs. Ruby Conn

Mr. H. V Conway

Mr. Randall and Mrs. Sandra Cooper

Mr. Roger Copenhaver

Ms. Nancy Coram

Ms. Debbie Cotrupi

Mr. Clyde Cottrill

Mr. John and Mrs. Katy Courser

Mr. John and Mrs. Karen Covaney

Coventry Elementary School

In memory of Mary (Tippy) Carvelli

Mr. Mike Crain

In memory of Millie

Ms. Evelyn Cranney

Ms. Patricia Crenshaw

Mr. Walter A and Mrs. Constance Crenshaw

Ms. Karin Crockett

Mrs. Tammi Croshaw

In memory of June Clark Mingee

Mr. Alton and Mrs. Sandra Culver

Ms. Jennifer Curran

Mr. Scott Curtis

Mr. William and Mrs. Judith Dabney

Mr. Michael Daknis

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sheila Dann

Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Ann Davenport

Mr. Roy E Davidson

Mr. Stewart B Davis

Mr. John and Mrs. Margaret Davis

Mr. James Dean

Ms. Elisabeth DeAngelis

In memory of Ivy

Ms. Ruth Deard

Mr. Donald and Mrs. Bettyann Defranco

Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Phyllis Delk

Ms. Jane Depatto

Ms. Susan Dessoffy

Mr. William D and Mrs. Marcella Deveikis

Ms. Diana Dhanvada

Mrs. Nancy Dickinson

In memory of Katherine Girton

Ms. Sharon Diggs

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kathryn Diggs

Ms. Selina Dillon

In memory of John Spencer

Mr. Gerald Dix

Ms. Jane Dodge

Mr. Norman and Mrs. Anna Donnelly

Ms. Judith Doty

Mr. James P Downey

Mr. Gary and Mrs. Cynthia Downs

Mr. Jim Drew

In memory of Aimee Lane

Mr. Myron and Mrs. Susan Drewniak

Ms. Barbara Dulaney

Ms. Shirley Dumas

Mr. Mark and Mrs. Mary Dunn

Mr. Matt Durante

Ms. Ellen Eames

Ms. Marcia Eames

Ms. Cheryl Early

Mr. James Early

Ms. Melva Echols

Mr. Frank and Mrs. Sylvia Edgar

In honor of Dick Fare and Frank Fortuna, Jr.

Ms. Anne Edwards

Dr. Myron G Eisenberg

Mr. George and Mrs. Amy Elefteriou

Mr. Charles and Mrs. Judith Elliott

In memory of Kathleen Pennington Garrett, Bobby Rapp, and Katherine Parks

Ms. Barbara Elliott

Mr. Christopher Ellis

Mr. Maurice and Mrs. Willie Elmore

Mrs. Rita Elson

Ms. Sarah Engelbrecht Graham

Mr. Jim and Mrs. Teresa Ennis

Ms. Grace Ensley

Mrs. Dominique S Espil

Ms. Shirley Estes

Mr. Andrew Evanko

Ms. Cathy Fahsel

Mr. John and Mrs. Sharon Fallacara

Ms. Donna Fenelon

Mr. William and Mrs. Barbara Ferguson

Mr. Silvio Fernandes

Ms. Bettye Fields

Ms. Elizabeth Fisher

Mr. Chester Fitzgerald

Ms. Sandra Fitzgerald

Ms. Shirley Fitzgerald

In memory of Peggy Stone

Mr. John Foden, III

In honor of Greta and Matt Kernicky

Ms. Donna Forbes

Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Jean Ford

Mr. Donald Forman

Ms. Lynne France

Dr. John Frantz, II and Mrs. Mary Frantz

Ms. Kimberly Freeborough

Mr. Jay E and Mrs. Kay Freeman

Mrs. Brenda Friedlander

Mr. John and Mrs. Barbara Friesz

Mr. Richard and Mrs. Kyong Furrow

Mr. John and Mrs. Serena Fusek

Mr. Chad Gagnon

Mr. Charles and Mrs. Janis Gallucci

Ms. Vicky Gammon

Ms. Lois Garrett

Gately Communications Co.

In memory of Delbert Borst

Mr. Edwin Gatewood

Mr. Ulysses Gatling

Mr. Craig Gelfenbaum

Mr. James George

Mr. Chris Gerarge

Mrs. Susan Gettman

In memory of Evelyn Webster

Ms. Najwa Ghazale

Ms. Courtney Gholson

Mr. Lloyd Gibilaro

Mr. Roscoe Gibson and Ms. Faith Jobson

Mr. Phillip Gibson

Mr. Paul Gilding

Mr. Carlton Gill, Jr.

Mrs. Carolyn Gill

Ms. Donna Gilroy

Girl Scout Troop #1325

Ms. Peggy Good

Mr. Taylor and Mrs. Pamela Goode

Ms. Linda Gootee

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Barbara Gosney

In memory of Adele McCraw

Mrs. Brenda Gosselin

Mr. Jeffrey Graham

Mr. David and Mrs. Beverly Graml

Ms. Linda Grantham

Ms. Belinda Gray

Mr. Harold Gray

Ms. Janet Green

Mr. Phillip Gregg

Mr. Charles Gresham

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Mary Grey

Mr. David Grimsley

Ms. Ladonna Gromley

Ms. Michele Grove

Ms. Lindsay Guerlet

Mrs. Sofia Guerra-Scott

Mr. Karl & Mrs. Anne Gunther

Mr. Francisco Guzman

Ms. Virginia L Haiderer

Ms. Jerilyn Hale

Mr. Steven and Mrs. Judy B Hall

Ms. Patricia Hall

Mr. Lennie and Mrs. Patricia Halstensen

Ms. Katy Hampton

Ms. Jessica Hancock

Ms. Lesa Hanlin

Mr. Don Hannahs

Mr. Charles and Mrs. Elizabeth Hardesty

Mr. Ronnie Hardy

Mr. Jonnie Hargrove

Ms. Brenda Harkness

Ms. Antoinette Harlow

Ms. Anjanette Harris

Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Deborah Harris

Ms. Helen Harris

Mr. Jim and Mrs. Swee Hart

Mr. Richard and Mrs. Beverly Hartline

Ms. Michelle Hartz

In memory of Audrey Mann Parker

Mrs. Beverly Hatchett

In memory of Katherine Girton

Dr. Linda Haugh

Ms. Sonja Hawthorne

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Diane Hayes

Ms. Elizabeth Hayes

Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Grace Hayes

Mr. Bill Kiniry and Ms. Page Hayhurst

Mr. Jerry N Hefner

Ms. Nancy Heinbach

Mr. Ted and Mrs. Merrill Hemmert

Mr. Kenneth Hiatt

Ms. Karen Hickmott

In memory of Karin Roles

Mrs. Carrie L Hicks

Mr. John Hill

Mr. Eric and Mrs. Allison Hillerman

Mr. George Hillow and Mrs. Judi Tull

Mr. John and Mrs. Adrienne Hilt

Mr. Mark and Mrs. Audrey Hiltke

Ms. Claudia L Hines

Ms. Kimberly Hinson

Ms. Lorene Hiser

Mr. Mark Hodges

Mr. Wayne Hoferkamp

Mr. Harry C and Mrs. Catherine Hoffman

Ms. Frances Holland

Ltc Ray F and Mrs. Marguerite E Holleran

Mr. Robert T Holloway

In memory of Faye Miller

Mr. Reginald and Mrs. Maryanne Holloway

Mr. Harlan and Mrs. Shirley Holmes

Ms. Alice Holmes

Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Ella Hooks

Ms. Drew Hope

Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Sandy Hopkins

Ms. Teresa Hopkins

Mr. F. G Horne, Jr.

Mr. Roger and Mrs. Lynne Hornsby

Mr. Allen Horton

Mr. David and Mrs. Sandy Houglum

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Tracy Houston

Mr. Randy Hovis

Dr. James Howard

Ms. Rita Howard

Ms. Betty Howell

Ms. Marian Huber

Ms. Debra Hudacek

Mr. William Hudgins, Jr.

Mr. John Pierce and Ms. Margaret A Hudgins

Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Hudgins

Ms. Maurine Hudson

Mr. Brickley and Mrs. Judith Hughes

Mr. John Rasanen and Mrs. Alma Humphrey

Ms. Ashraful Huq

Mrs. Sandra Hurst

In memory of Delbert Borst

Mr. William Hurt

Mr. Craig Hutchinson

Ms. Frances Hutts

Ms. Lisa Hydrick

Ms. Naomi R Ihnat

Mrs. Carolyn Imoehl

Ms. Carmen Isabelle


Ms. Valerie Jackson

Ms. Anna Jackson

Mrs. Michele James

In honor of Katina Stockbridge and Janice Lane

Ms. Anne Jenkins

Mr. John and Mrs. Irene Jenkins

Ms. Susie Jennings

Mr. Steven Jensen

Ms. Suzzane J Jewett

Mrs. Leanna Jividen

John Yancey Companies

Ms. Maria Johns

Mr. Bill Johnson

Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Jane Johnson

Ms. Kathy Johnson

Mr. David and Mrs. Celia Jolley

Ms. Kimberly Jones

Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Kristen Jones

Ms. Jeanne Jones

Ms. Carolyn Jones

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Peggy Jones

Mr. Floyd and Ms. Dawn Jones

Mr. Robert P and Mrs. Faye E Jones

Mr. Vincent and Mrs. Theresa Joseph

Mr. Terry Joseph

Mr. Jay Joslin

Ms. Dawn Joyner

Ms. Angelica Jusino

Mrs. Cynthia Kane

Mr. Matthew Kane

Mr. Donald Karas

Mr. Bruce Kauder

In memory of Delbert Borst

Mr. Jacob Kay

Mr. Ross and Mrs. Elizabeth Keener

Ms. Jacqueline Kehoe

Mr. Scott Kelley

Mrs. Denise Kendrick

Mr. J. Dan and Mrs. Peggy Kinard

Ms. Tracey King

Mr. Birgit Kingsbury

Ms. Constance Kinsley

Ms. Angela Knight

Mr. John Kuhn

Mr. Mark Kuntz

In memory of Delbert Borst

Mrs. Marjorie Lambert

Mrs. Margaret H Lassiter

In memory of Robert Shanks

Mr. Joseph Latchum

In memory of Delbert Borst

Mr. Ryan Lavallee

Ms. Susan Lawlor

Mr. Olaf Lawson, Jr.

Mr. Joseph Layser

Mrs. Julie Lear

Ms. Andrea LeClair

Mrs. Sue LeComte

In memory of Pamela Pavlik, In honor of Alma Puckett

Mrs. Susan Legan

Ms. Sheryl Lembcke

Mr. Harold Lester

Dr. Mayer Levy

Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Barbara Lewis

Ms. Marina Libro

In honor of Katina Stockbridge and Janice Lane

Mr. Gregory C Liggan

Mrs. Patricia Liles

Mr. Dexter and Mrs. Sharon Lilley

Mr. Paul and Mrs. Karen Lindsay

Ms. Doris Lindstrom

Mrs. Gabriele Lingenfelter

Ms. Cynthia Linhart

Ms. Anna Lloyd

Mr. W. G and Mrs. Clare Lockett

Ms. Debby Lockwood

Mr. Richmond and Mrs. Charlotte Long

Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Anne Lovett

In memory of Joyce Lunde

Ms. Teri Lowe

Ms. Melissa Lowe

Mr. Leslie Loyd

Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Lori Luckman

Mr. Leroy and Mrs. Shirley Ludi

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Venocia Lulofs

Mr. Bill Lyon

In memory of Peggy Stone

Ltc Wilfred and Mrs. Glenda Macdonald

Ms. Stacy MacMillan

In memory of Delbert Borst

Mr. Ned and Mrs. Tammy Maida

In memory of Harold the bunny

Ms. Kathleen Manley

Ms. Carol Mann

Ms. Carly Manring

Mr. Roy Markham

Ms. Lena Markus

Mr. James and Mrs. Shelia Marshall

Ms. Jennifer Marshall

In honor of Katina Stockbridge and Janice Lane

Mr. John and Mrs. Carol Marshall

Ms. Janet Marszalek

Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Mary Martin

Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Jackie Martin

Mr. Marty Marvin

Mr. George and Mrs. Emma Masel

Ms. Joann Mason

Mr. Michael W and Mrs. Tammie Massey

Ms. Geraldine Mataro

Ms. Tess Matteson

Mr. Richard W Maurer, Jr.

Ms. Rebecca Mazzarella

Mr. Paul and Mrs. Cheryl McBride

Mr. William and Mrs. Anne McCann

Ms. Jan McCarthy

Mr. Michael and Ms. Kathleen McCauley

Mr. John and Mrs. Frances D McCay

Mr. Bernard McCraw

In memory of Adele McCraw

Mr. Jimmie McDonald

Mr. James McGrath

Mr. Rusty McHatton

In memory of Mary Schnell

Mr. Rex and Ms. Christine McKinley

Mr. James and Mrs. Nancy McLain

Mr. John & Mrs. Janet McLaurin

Ms. Cynthia McLean

Mr. E. Richard Meadows

Mr. James Meagher

Mr. Sudhir Mehrotra

Ms. Mony Mehrotra

Ms. Linda Meminger

Ms. Susanne M Mendola

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Ann Mennell

Mr. James and Mrs. Susan Mercer

Mr. Peter and Mrs. Judith Mercier

Mrs. Laurie Meree

Mr. Walter Michalczik

Mr. Thomas Miller

Ms. Harriet Miller

Mr. Brian Miller

Mr. James Miller

Mr. Eoghan Miller

Mr. Jon Millner

Mr. Dj Mills

Ms. Susan Mingee

Mr. Roy and Mrs. D. A Mitchell

Mr. Ron Mitchell

Ms. June Mitchell

Ms. Erika Mitchell

Ms. Sylvia J Mitchell

Mr. William and Mrs. Deborah Mixon

Mr. Kenneth Moncayo

Mr. James Montgomery

Mr. John and Mrs. Anita Moody

Mr. Randall and Mrs. Ksenia Morgan

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Mr. James and Mrs. Péré Morris

Mr. Frank Morrow

Dr. Joanne Morse, PhD

Ms. Becky Moss

Ms. Robin Mounts

Mr. David and Mrs. Linda Moussette

Mr. Vernon and Mrs. Sylvia Mt. Castle

Ms. Sandra Mugler

Ms. Linda Muraca

Ms. Barbara Murphrey

Mr. William M Murphy, Sr.

Mr. Kenneth Murphy

Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Virginia Napier

Mrs. Jennifer Nelson

In memory of Delbert Borst

Mr. Alfred Nerz

In memory of Fred Huffman

Newport News Waterworks

In memory of Sharon Ware

Ms. Lila Nicolls

Ms. Jeanne T Noel

Mr. William Norris

Ms. Diane Norris

In memory of Judith Hamm Golden

Ms. Carrie Norris

In memory of Judith Hamm Golden

Ms. Kerry Nunn

Mr. Leo O’Connell

Mr. William O’Dell

Ms. Liz O’Donnelle

In memory of Albert Newton

Old Point National Bank

Mr. William R Oliphant

Oliver C. Greenwood Elementary School

Ms. Kimberly Orange

Ms. Carol Oswald

Dr. Ray C Otte

Mr. William G and Ms. Beverly B Ouzts

Ms. Elizabeth Overman

Ms. Jacquelyne Owens

Mr. Christopher Pagano

Ms. Kimberly Palwick-Goebel

Ms. Thelma Pankoke

Mr. Thomas M and Mrs. Maria R Pappas

Mrs. Wanda Parker

In memory of Delbert Borst, Joan Castor

Ms. Carolyn Parkerson

Mr. Bill and Mrs. Sandy Parks

Mr. Randy Parr

In memory of Harold B. Bobbitt

Mr. Leonard & Mrs. Sandra Parrish

Ms. Phyllis Parrish

Mr. Peter and Mrs. Cynthia Passaretti

Mr. George Passaro

Mrs. Ingrid Patterson

Ms. Jennifer Pattison

Mr. Nick Paul

Mr. John Payne

PBR Hampton Roads

Pearson Toyota

Rev. Arthur C Pedersen

Mr. David L Peebles

In memory of Patricia W. Roach

Ms. Sherri Pendleton

In memory of Shasta Martin

Ms. Eileen Pennington

Ms. Nathalie H Perkins

Ms. Sharon Petitjean

Ms. Susan Petriella

In honor of Katina Stockbridge and Janice Lane

Mr. Edward Phillips

Dr. Harvey Phillips

In memory of Delbert Borst

Ms. Dorothy Phillips

Ms. Victoria Phlegar

Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Mary Pickerill

Mr. Wayne Pitser

Mrs. Barbara Pitts

Mr. Gerard Plahn

Mr. Ken and Mrs. Pat Pleasant

Mr. Mark Polk

Mr. Joe and Mrs. De Ann Posey

Ms. Joann Pounder

Ms. Audrey Powell

Mr. Gary C and Mrs. Sally G Powell

Mr. Tom Powell

Ms. Margaretha Powers

Powers Business Machines

Ms. Nita Pride

Ms. Dianne Pride

Mr. James Shaffer and Mrs. Holly Prillaman

Mr. Louis Purdey

Ms. Kate Queen

Mr. Walter and Mrs. Jean Raines

Mr. Paul Ranalet

Mr. Kishore and Mrs. Meera Rao

Mr. Larry Rash

Ms. Sara F Ray

Mr. Thomas Reagan

Mr. F. Gordon and Mrs. June G Reams

Ms. Anne Redmond

Mr. David Reed

In memory of Ruth Biddle

Mr. Paul and Mrs. Marsha Reeves

Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Bernadette Reid

Ms. Anna Reid

Mr. Chris and Mrs. Roberta Reinbach

Ms. Susan Reinhardt

In memory of Kramer

Mr. John N Reisbick

Mr. Peter Reuss

Ms. Marsha Rice

Mr. Gary and Mrs. Barbara Richards

Mr. George and Mrs. Lee Richardson

Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Mildred Ricketts

Mrs. Carolyn Riddle

Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Judith Riddle

Riggins Company

In memory of Karin H. Roles

Ms. Marchetta Roberts

Mr. A. W Robins

Mr. Jonathan Robinson

Ms. Kimberly Robinson

Ms. Margaret Rodal

Mr. Stewart and Mrs. Nancy Rodgers

Ms. Giuseppa Romito

Mrs. Kimberly Root

Mr. Sverrir and Mrs. Tamara Rosario

In memory of Ann Wood Manry

Mr. Leo Roseman

Ms. Joanne Ross

Mr. Beau Rough

-In Memory of PJ Hendricks

Ms. Sandra S Routten

Ms. Irene Rowe

Mr. Ricky and Mrs. Reverie Rowlett

Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Joyce Rozman

Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Janet Rummel

Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Kim Rumsey

Mr. Ric and Mrs. P. Ranea Rusch

Ms. Maria Ruth

Rutherford Insurance

Mr. Richard Sallade

In memory of Peggy Stone

Mr. Donn and Mrs. Deborah Samsa

In memory of Adele McCraw

Ms. Ruth Sandifer

Ms. Mary M Sappenfield

Ms. Pamela Saunders

Ms. Lisa Schaeperkoetter

Mr. David Schafer

Ms. Shirley Scheitle

Ms. Barbara Scheuren

Ms. Meredith Schmidt

Mr. Tom Schmidt

Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Kathy Schmidt

Mr. Morris and Mrs. Irene Schneider

Mr. John Schrieber

Mr. Edward and Mrs. Sue Schutt

In memory of Dorothy Daniels

Ms. Ruchita Schweich

Ms. Debra Seale

Mrs. Frances Sears

Mr. Trevor Selleck

Ms. Sarah Semones

Mr. Franklin Seney

Mr. Victor Serveiss

Ms. Linda Serwatka

Mr. Charles Seyffert

In memory of June Clark Mingee

Mrs. Carole Shanahan

Ms. Leslie Shaughnessy

Ms. Michelle Sheeler

Mrs. Shannon Shelton

Ms. Linda Shelton

Ms. Esther Sherman

Mr. Donald Sherouse

Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Jimese Sherrill

Col. William H Shivar

Ms. Louanne Siaosi

Ms. Susan E Silva

Ms. Ann Simmons

Ms. Patricia Ann Simmons

Mr. Conrad Sissell

Ms. Diana Skelton

Ms. Dianne Sleight

Ms. Suzi Smith

Ms. Anna M Smith

Ms. Carol Smith

Mr. Gary and Mrs. Elli Smith

Ms. Catherine Smith

Mr. Conway and Mrs. Lyn Smith

Mr. Terry Smith

In memory of Zachary Smith

Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Marilyn Smith

Ms. Susan Smith

Ms. Betty Smith

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Jane Smola

In memory of Peggy Stone

Mr. Ronald Snaidman

In memory of David Morgan

Mr. Michael Sneed

Mrs. Pamela Sneed

Mr. David Southall

-In Memory of Lance Joyner

Ms. Wyanet Southard

Ms. Jennifer Souther

Ms. Alexis Southward

Mr. Dean Sparks, Jr.

Mr. Hobart and Mrs. Jane Speegle

Ms. Nicole Spencer

Mr. John D and Mrs. Caroline H Spencer

Mr. James and Mrs. Marion Spielberger

Ms. Linda Sprinkle

Mr. John Sprock and Mrs. Elizabeth Hunt

In memory of Topaz

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

Ms. Joyce Stafford

Ms. Elizabeth Stephens

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Beverly Sterling

Mrs. Donna Stockbridge

In honor of Katina Stockbridge and Janice Lane

Ms. Cindy Stocker

Mr. Bobby Stocks

Mr. Jonathan Stoffer

Mr. R.A. and Mrs. Mary Stokes

Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Peggy Stone

Ms. Lisa M Street

Mr. Frederick Strong

Mr. Jack and Mrs. Charlene Stump

Ms. Carmen Stupica

Ms. Julianne Swain

Mr. John Swett

Ms. Allison Talaske

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Eleanor Taylor


In memory of Caroline Lemay

Mr. Don and Mrs. Barbara Tenpas

Ms. Lauren Tessarolo

Ms. June C Tharpe

The Artinspired

Mr. Rob Theriault

Mr. James and Mrs. Judy Thomas

Mr. Aaron and Mrs. Jean Thomas

Mr. John V Thompson, Jr.

Mr. Craig Thompson

Dr. Kanako Thomsen

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Tammy Thrift

  -In Memory of Tyson & Henry

Mr. Vinod Thukral

Mr. Gary Todd

Mr. John Moffatt and Ms. Bonnie Tracey

In memory of Ann Wood Manry

Ms. Lillian Trachuk

Ms. Amory Treacy

Mr. Charles Trescot, III

Mr. Ira Triplett

Dana Truesdale

Ltc Norman Tupper, Jr.

Mr. Mark Turgeon

Mr. Vernon Turner

United Way of South Hampton Roads

Uno Restaurant LLC

Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Grace Urbanowicz

Mr. James and Mrs. Anne Vannice

Mr. Max and Mrs. Frances Vanpelt

Mr. William and Mrs. Jacqueline Vaughan

Mr. Mark Vaughan

Mr. Victor Vaughan, Jr.

Mrs. Darnell Veach

In memory of Delbert Borst

Mr. John and Mrs. Diane M Villafana

Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Mary Waddill

Ms. Sylvia Walker

In honor of Gracie Sommer

Ms. Susannah Walker

Ms. Nancy Wall

Mr. Richard and Ms. Rosanne Walters

Ms. Elizabeth Walton

Ms. Hope Walzak

Mr. Jim Walzak

Mr. Matthew Ward

Mrs. Georgiann Ward

Mr. James and Mrs. Katherine Warren

Mr. William Warren

Mr. James and Mrs. Kathy L Warren

Mr. Thomas C Waters

Ms. Georgette Watts

Ms. Ann Weaver

-In Memory of Kay Warren

Ms. Melinda Webb

Mr. Charles G Weiss

Mrs. Miranda Welcher

Mrs. Shirley Wells

Mr. William and Mrs. Joyce Werner

Ms. Jane M West

Mrs. Cynthia Westlund

  -In Memory of Mrs. Mary Lou Conway

Mr. George White

Ms. Shirley White

Ms. Nancy L White

Ms. Nancy Wiedemeyer

In honor of Bacchus

Ms. Mary Wier

Ms. Susan Wilbourn

Mr. John and Mrs. Donna Wiley

Ms. Shawna Wilks

Ms. Jody A Williams

Ms. Bonnie Williams

Mr. Joel Wilson

Mr. David Wilson

Mr. James and Mrs. Linda Wilson

Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Carol Winarski

Winder’s Pond Homes Association

In memory of Delbert Borst

Mr. Joe Winn

Ms. Carolyn Winterble

Mr. John and Mrs. Judy Wiseman

Mr. John and Mrs. Unknown Wood

Ms. Tracy S Wood

Ms. Amanda Wood

Mr. Thurman Woodard

Ms. Gloria J Wos

Mrs. Wanda Wotring

In memory of Adele McCraw

Ms. Beverly Wray

Ms. Patricia Wright

Mr. Raymond Yannello

Ms. Tanya Yeager

York County Development Services

In memory of Melanie McElrath

Ms. Doris Young

Mr. Dan and Mrs. Kim Young

Mr. Richard and Mrs. Roselyn F Yourish

Mr. Walter and Mrs. Joann Zacharchuk

Ms. Betty Zargan

Ms. Jean Zayas-Diaz

Mr. Larry Zipprich

Mrs. Karen Zipprich

Mr. Ernest Zoby

Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Joan Zwerner

(This list reflects donors, $50 to $249, from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016)

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