Fundraising Tips

are some fun ways to raise money! If you think of something we haven’t, let us know and we’ll add it to our list!

Set a Goal

Set an aggressive goal for yourself and challenge your friends and family to match it. Remember, the more pledges you collect, the more animals you can help. They are counting on you!

Create a Team

If you are an animal lover, we bet many of your friends, family and colleagues are, too! Gather your entourage to raise money together and walk as a team. Not only will you have more fun, but you will have much more fundraising potential! (Each team member must register individually before linking themselves to the team!)

Talk to Your Co-workers and Employer

Challenge the local businesses around you to a competition where the animals always win.We will announce the  Company name the day of the walk! (And here’s a competitive tip … ask your employer to match your team’s pledges!

 Fundraisers Everyone Can Do

1. Appoint a Team Captain: Team Captains can be responsible for encouraging team members in their personal fundraising efforts, share tips, and keep the team posted on the team’s progress.

2. Delegate: Challenge your friends, spouse, or 
children to collect 2 pledges each on your behalf.

3. Host a poker game: Let half of all proceeds go towards your pledges.

4. Have a Mow-A-Thon: Set aside a weekend for your family to mow your neighbor’s yards for a $50 donation.

5. Get Matching Gifts: Get your friends to match a portion of your collected pledges. For example, get your friends to give 10 cents for every dollar raised … or get them to match your collected pledges dollar for dollar!

6. Make a donation coat for your dog: Turn any dog shirt, sweater, or jacket into a donation coat that will collect pledges! Bring your donation page with you to explain the event to potential donors. Take your dog to very public places like parks, pet stores, fairs, church, company events, sport games, etc.

7. Organize a neighborhood yard sale: Let the proceeds go towards your pledge drive!

8. Have a neighborhood dog wash: Invite your neighbors over for a dog wash and have the proceeds go towards your pledges. Have fun shampoos, bandanas, or paper collars made by children to make it fun!

9. Use your email: Send a passionate plea to everyone in your email address book and provide a link to your fundraising web page. Tell the story of your pet’s rescue or adoption. Or use humor and send the email from your pet!

10. Change your email auto-signature: After your name and title, etc., add a line or image at the bottom with a request for support. Use passion or humor .. send the plea from your dog! (Be sure to include the address of your webpage.)

11. Use your address book: Make sure you email all of the groups of potential supporters, apart from friends and family. These might include colleagues, former colleagues, college friends, fellow members of church/clubs/PTA and encourage them to pass on the message to anyone else who might support your efforts. The internet really widens the group of people you might immediately think of; for example, friends, family and colleagues living in different parts of the US that you rarely see. Don’t forget your friends and family abroad; friends, family and colleagues can give from anywhere. The Internet is global, so make the most of it!

12. Send an e-mail update on your progress: It’s nice for those who have already supported your efforts and a nudge for those who haven’t contributed yet. You know what it’s like: people mean to donate, but sometimes they don’t quite get round to it on the first request!

13. Send an e-card: Send a card through online e-card sites and make a personalized request for support. Some online card sites are: ·,

14. Get a Matching Gift: Find out of your company will match the money you raise! If not, see if your company will match donations made by their employees.

15. Provide a Feeding Frenzy: Provide a lunch for your co-workers (company caterers can donate lunch, or make it a team member pot luck). Have a suggested minimum donation for people to partake. Make it fun!

16. Ask to be on your company’s website: See if your company would be allow you to add your webpage to its public website or private company intranet. Many companies like to promote the charitable and public-spirited efforts of their staff and you could get a lot of extra donations from this. Some companies may even offer a “matching gift” program where they offer to match any amounts employees contribute!

17. Create a collection jar: Place a candy jar on your desk, by the cash register, or at your gym, church, etc., with donations going towards your pledges. Put a picture of the pet you are walking with (or in honor of) on the jar with his or her adoption story!

18. Host a dress down day for animals: Ask your employer if you can charge employees a small amount to dress down on a particular day.

19. Make a candy dish: Place a candy dish on your desk with tempting treats and charge a small donation for each hand that dips into it!

20. Trade a vacation day: Ask your company to donate one day of your pay in exchange for a vacation day.

21. Change your voicemail greeting: Change the voicemail greeting on your cell phone or the message on your answering machine to solicit donations. Make it fun … let your children make the plea or have your dog bark for you!

22. Write Letters: Conduct a letter writing party – provide stamps, envelopes, and a sample letter. Get everyone together with their address books for an evening of fun. Give a prize for the most letters sent.

23. Partner Up: Get local business and vendors involved. Use memberships to certain organizations, clubs, churches, etc. to get the word out about your fundraising efforts.

24. Post notices on billboards: Post notices on billboards of your gym, church, school, place of work, etc., to tell people to go to the web address you’ve created (i.e. and people can donate from there.

25. Have a bake sale: The proceeds can go towards your pledges!

26. Wear homemade buttons: Create homemade buttons and wear to solicit interest in the event. Put a picture of your pet, an emotional appeal, or use humor, for example “Ask me how you get an extra tax refund”!

27. Make ribbon pins: Get ribbon with paws on it and make your own ribbon pins to solicit interest in your fundraising efforts.

28. Create a raffle: Choose a prize to offer to one of your donors. Let them know that you’ll draw one of the donors at random on the day of the event and you’ll mail them their reward!