New HVAC System to keep animals happy, healthy

Peninsula SPCA Begins Shelter Upgrades In Preparation for Conversion to “No Kill”

The Peninsula SPCA has begun the process of upgrading its outdated HVAC system at its shelter on J. Clyde Morris Blvd. in preparation for its upcoming conversion to be an “adoption guarantee” or “no kill” animal shelter.

The Peninsula SPCA moved its operations into its current building in 1983, and has sheltered the Peninsula’s stray and abandoned animals there since that time. By January 1, the PSPCA will no longer hold stray animals for the cities but will focus its resources on sheltering adoptable dogs and cats without time limitations in order to rehabilitate them and find them new homes. The new PSPCA Pet Shelter will take in animals from owners who can no longer keep them, from other area animal shelters and rescue groups, and from the new Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter when possible, and will receive no municipal or tax revenue support.

“The Peninsula SPCA Board and employees are excited to begin this first phase of our shelter’s planned improvements as we prepare for our new role in the community,” said Ellen Thacker, Executive Director. “Bringing the HVAC systems in our kennel and holding areas up to modern standards will help keep our animals healthy, happy and adoptable. “

The PSPCA shelter has been working on several other policy and facility upgrades over the summer that have helped it to increase its adoptions by 15% over last year, while reducing euthanasia by 31%.

Citizens interested in the Peninsula SPCA’s physical plant improvements and coming policy changes as it converts operations to the adoption –guarantee model should contact Ellen Thacker at the shelter, (757) 595-1399, ext. 103.