The Little Bear Fund

PrintIn 2008, Little Bear Morris, beloved canine family member of Peninsula SPCA supporters, Henry & Judy Morris, died suddenly and tragically from cancer of the spleen, diagnosed only one week before the disease took his precious life.  The grieving Morris family wanted to create a memorial to Little Bear that would both honor his life, and also benefit the lives of homeless pets in crisis in future years.

little bear 3They established The Little Bear Fund of the Peninsula SPCA, the goal of which was and still is, to help deserving animals get the veterinary care they need in order to heal and be adopted into safe, loving homes.


The Little Bear Fund enables the Peninsula SPCA to provide sometimes costly medical care and procedures to needy pets wanting nothing more than to continue loving and enjoying life with a human companion.

Today, the need for The Little Bear Fund is greater than ever.  Since its transition to no-kill in January of 2015, the Peninsula SPCA has been called upon to assist a number of homeless pets who are considered special needs, or may require extensive medical care in order to be adopted.

LUNER AND NOVA smallMost recently, The Little Bear Fund provided the means for two kittens, Luner & Nova, born without eyelids, to receive the crucial surgery they needed to live normal lives.  And then there was Lucky, a five-year-old Jack Russell Terrier who came to the PSPCA with an injury to his right, rear leg.  Lucky received the surgery he needed and found his forever home, thanks to the community’s generous support of The Little Bear Fund.

And this is just the beginning.

There are so many more cases just like these, who are in need of special carebarney that only The Little Bear Fund can provide.  Like Rocco and Sky who are heartworm positive and require treatment to save their lives.  Or Barney who had a tragic encounter with a speeding car that left him in pain and in need of extensive surgery for multiple fractures.  And even Caroline, a loving and beautiful Pitbull-mix who will also be facing surgery to repair a stifle injury.

Today, The Little Bear Fund is being used to its fullest potential, but it is in desperate need of support from the community.  Your donation to The Little Bear Fund could make the difference between life and death for so many animals who come to the Peninsula SPCA in need.


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