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After providing shelter and adoption services for the Peninsula communities for more than 80 years, the Peninsula SPCA took a brave, new direction when it transitioned to an adoption guarantee or “no kill” shelter in January 2015. Since then, the Peninsula SPCA has been able to expand its services for the Peninsula community to not only include adoption services, but humane education programs and preventive veterinary care.

What is Adoption Guarantee?

Adoption Guarantee, or “no-kill,” is defined as saving both healthy and treatable (medically and behaviorally) dogs and cats, with euthanasia reserved only for unhealthy & untreatable animals. An adoption-guarantee shelter will have a “save rate” of at least 90%, meaning 10% or less of the pets who enter the shelter are euthanized due to severe illness or extreme aggression.

At the Peninsula SPCA, it means that we pledge to find a home for every adoptable animal that we take in to shelter. As an Adoption-Guarantee shelter we will not exceed our shelter’s capacity for care, we will never resort to euthanasia as a means of population management, and healthy and treatable animals can stay with us as long as it takes to find them new homes.

As we care for the community’s homeless pets, we will dedicate our energy and resources to finding them forever homes. We will develop and offer programs that reach out to the pets and pet owners of our community, offering resources that help keep companion animals healthy and at home with their owners and reduce the number of companion pets entering shelters.

Neeko, Adopted 2019 Photo credit: Carol & Frank Photographer

Our Mission

The mission of the Peninsula SPCA is to find loving homes for every animal in our care, and to advocate for the humane treatment of all animals in our community.

Our Vision

Our vision for our Virginia Peninsula community is that we will achieve a humane community culture through humane education, successful adoptions, quality veterinary care, and mutually beneficial partnerships with our community and other welfare organizations, which will be reflected by animals not losing their lives due to a lack of space and the elimination of animal cruelty.

Our vision for our Virginia Peninsula community:

  • All pets have access to quality and affordable, preventive veterinary care including spay/ neuter
  • There are mutually beneficial partnerships with the community and other welfare organizations
  • Our community has successful adoption outcomes
  • Humane education is a part of our community culture
  • Animal cruelty has been eliminated
  • The life of a companion is never ended due to lack of space


  1. We have a strong passion for quality care of all animals
  2. We believe in having respect and kindness for all animals and people
  3. We believe in the power of the human-animal bond
  4. Education is the way to improve the humane treatment of animals
  5. The work that we do brings joy to us and our community
  6. We are committed to the good stewardship of our limited resources
  7. Compassion is our passion

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