Community Event Request

The Peninsula SPCA loves bringing adoptable cats and dog to community events! Because we are invited to many different events, we ask that you follow a few guidelines.

  • You must submit our offsite request form at least 30 days prior to your event.
  • Submitting a form does not guarantee approval. Peninsula SPCA staff will be in contact with you within 24-36 hours.
  • When requesting adoptable animals, we are not able to provide an exact number or guarantee attendance. The number of animals we bring depend on several factors: availability, staffing, transportation, etc.
  • Our animals will be on a leash. If there are other animals at your event, they MUST be leashed. We do not allow interaction with our animals and the public’s animals.
  • Since we are funded solely by donations, we do ask that you consider giving a monetary donation or collecting supplies for the animals! We really appreciate your generosity.