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You can use this page to schedule a clinic visit for vaccinations and other services. If you require more than one vaccination or service at your visit, please indicate that in the notes section of the scheduling tool, below.  If you have more than one pet – each pet requires a separate appointment.

The minimum vaccination fee ($15) must be paid at the time the appointment is made, with a balance due at the appointment if additional services or vaccinations are provided. To ensure your pet is healthy enough to receive vaccines, a $5.00 mini health exam is required at the time of visit.

If you have previous health or vaccine records for your pet, please bring them with you tto help us determine what types of vaccines your pet may need for optimum health.  Any animal that is pregnant, showing signs of illness, fever or has a history of vaccine reactions will not be vaccinated.

Please note, the clinic provides basic preventative care.  We do not diagnose or treat illnesses.  If you believe that your pet is unhealthy, please see your regular vet for your pet’s health care needs.  If you need information about recommendations for daytime vets, please call us at 757-595-1399 and we will be happy to assist with finding a Vet.

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Note: If you request a refund and it is approved, we will initiate a refund to your credit card (or original method of payment)